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7 benefits of hiring a digital marketing agency in South Africa

Here are 7 reasons why hiring a digital marketing company in South Africa might be the best decision for your business

Digital marketing offers unlimited growth opportunities to businesses worldwide. It has become the cornerstone of all most all successful businesses. Today digital is one of the most accessible and easy to use channels to raise brand awareness, create product/service demand and grow business.

With an ever increasing number of digital platforms, it makes sense that business use a multichannel approach.

But running a business with different divisions that need equal attention is not easy. It gets more challenging when business owners attempt to handle marketing by themselves. The quality of their service gets compromised.

This is where hiring a digital marketing agency comes in handy. It can help solve this problem easily.

Partnering with a reliable digital marketing agency in South Africa will benefit your business in many ways. Especially if you are not sure about whether to build a digital brand for your business or not. A digital marketing agency will help you map out a complete digital marketing strategy for your brand.

But a great agency will not stop there. They will go as far as drawing a timeline for achieving goals, and a clear roadmap of how they plan to achieve those goals.

And that would be just a taste of how it is like to work with a good digital marketing agency. The good staff yet to come. Here are the top 7 advantages that are provided by hiring a digital marketing agency in South Africa.

1. Your focus stays on growing the business

As a business owner, all your skills are centered on your core business. Doing digital marketing by yourself and making sure that it is effective takes up a lot of time. It also requires a lot of skills and resource. Which you most likely do not have.

You could take time to learn to be very good in digital marketing. But that will take a lot of time and your business might suffer.

Outsourcing digital marketing services to an agency you can trust means you can focus on the most important aspects of your business. You have more time to focus on what you and your team do best.  

This gives you a piece of mind when it comes to digital marketing, which is also an important aspect of your business growth. By having a digital agency as a partner you can focus your space, time and resources on your day-to-day business operations.

2. More heads, more creativity

A digital marketing agency is a group of very creative and technically skilled individuals. These individuals are assembled for the sole purpose of identifying growth opportunities online and find creative ways to take advantage of those opportunities.  

This is one of the best top benefits of hiring a digital marketing agency in South Africa. You gain access to group of people whose day-to-day tasks are to be creative.

Creativity is underrated when it comes to digital marketing. People confuse easy access for easy doing. Easy access to digital mediums does not mean it is easy to do digital marketing. Just like any other marketing, you need a team of creatives who knows what they are doing. And when it comes to creativity, more is always better. That is what you’re getting by hiring a digital marketing agency in South Africa, more creativity!

3. You’re always on top of new digital trends

One of the advantages of hiring a digital marketing agency is that your brands stays up to date with the latest digital trends. Digital marketing has so many different aspects. There is social media, SEO, content marketing, email marketing and paid advertising. To be successful in digital marketing you will need to keep up with all these aspects.

Unless you’re your business is digital marketing, you probably will not be able to keep up with all of it. It takes so much time. Time you most likely do not have.

On top of all that there are constant emerging new trends, new tactics and algorithm changes. Keeping up with all this time consuming. You cannot follow wat is trending and changing all the time while also running your business. That is where a digital marketing agency comes in.

It is our job as a digital marketing agency to stay up to date with the latest trends in digital. So, hiring a digital marketing agency means you have a team of experts to keep you informed about the latest trends in digital marketing. Working with an agency enables your brand to adapt quickly and stay up to date with constantly changing digital trends.

4. Gain New Perspectives

Your business is your baby, second or third child, depending on how many kids you have. The point is you are very close to it, emotionally and spiritually. You make all the important decisions, keep it going and running smooth.

For that reason you hardly ever take time to step back and look at your marking with fresh eyes.

An agency, however, is un-biased. They learn about your business and look at it from an object point of view. They often see valuable aspect of the business that other outside individuals, such as customers, might find value in learning out.  It is really in your best interest to let a group of creative minds take a look at your marketing from an objective point of view.

You might consider an all in-house marketing team. But they will be very limited in the experiences that they have.

On the other hand, digital agencies work with different businesses and marketing professions from every industry. We learn about and develop innovative marketing solutions and apply them to different sectors of the business community.

5. Gain access to the latest technology

Access to the latest digital tools and technology is another great benefit of hiring a digital marketing agency in South Africa.  Agencies use superior technology, software and analytics tools. Access to this tech helps your business increase productivity, efficiency and performance. You won’t have to spend your time browsing the internet searching for your own software.

You can buy and learn these tools by yourself, but they can be very expensive. Secondly learning them will take valuable time from your busy schedule. And, you most likely will have to take an online course to learn how to properly use these tools, spending more money.

Digital marketing agencies often have their own budget for important marketing tools. They are able to give you insights from them without you having to purchase them.

6. You get reliability & accountability

When you hire a digital marketing agency in South Africa, not only do you get expert digital marketing services, you also get accountability and reliability. Reliability means you can always call them up to find out how things are going with your digital execution.

Reliability also means that there is swift communication between you and your chosen agency. They are constantly in contact with you. You trust and rely on them to know about and use the best strategies. You will know for sure that they are doing everything they can to help you grow your business from where it is now to the next level.

On the other side, you have someone who is responsible and accountable for your digital marketing strategy and the data behind it. If you’re losing you online position, for example. Your digital marketing agency should respond with regards to what is happening. If your advertising campaign failed to gain any results, your digital agency is responsible and accountable.

7. Extend your internal marketing team

You may have an internal marketing team and that’s great. Way better than someone trying to do their own marketing. But also consider the benefits on an external creative team. Hiring a digital marketing agency is like extending your internal team, in a massive way.

Partnering with a digital agency is especially beneficial in you’re a small business or startup. You most likely cannot afford to hire your own social media expert, media planning and buying specialist, content creators, your own SEO professional. It’s too expensive.

Instead hire a great digital marketing agency that already has all these people. This is one of the greatest benefits of hiring a digital marketing agency in South Africa. The benefit of an entire team of strategists, designers, content experts and SEO specialists who have a wide range of skills and knowledge. This makes all the sense compared hiring a single marketer.

Let’s wrap it up

There are different situations for different businesses. Hiring a digital marketing agency can be wise and offer many benefits to your business. Certainly if you find a great agency, the results they will achieve for your business will amaze you.

If your business is small and you cannot afford to hire your own in-house specialists, then a digital marketing agency is most beneficial to you. Consider all the benefits we mentioned above:

  • Your focus stays on growing the business
  • More heads, more creativity
  • You’re always on top of new digital trends
  • Gain New Perspectives
  • Gain access to the latest technology
  • Extend your internal marketing team
  • Extend your internal marketing team

It will take some time to find the most suitable agency for your particular needs, so don’t make a rapid decision. Carefully search for the right agency and when you have found the one, don’t be afraid to make that investment in growing your business. Happy hunting!

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