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Top 10 Free Business Directories In South Africa to List Your Business (2022)

Long gone are the days of flipping pages and searching alphabetically through a big yellow book looking for business information. Today, with just a click of a button you can have all the information you need about any business right in front of you, all thanks to online business directories, business listing websites, and citation sites.

What is a business directory?

An online business directory is a website whose main function is to accept and review business listings and group them based on their industry, location, or categories. Online business directories are one of the many ways local businesses can get discovered by potential buyers searching the internet for a specific product or service.

There are hundreds if not thousands of online business directories in South Africa alone. It is important to note that business directories are not all equal, and they are not the same. Some offer free listings, others do not. Some have DoFollow links, others have NoFollow links.

Nonetheless, it makes sense to get your business information listed in these places where your potential customers are already going to find businesses like yours.

Benefits of online business directories

Online business directories offer the following benefits to businesses that list on their websites.

Improves your SEO

The majority of online business directories in South Africa have fairly good domain authority scores, and some will give a DoFollow link to your website. Having your business listed on various business directories with DoFollow links gives your website some link juice and improves your SEO results. This means your website will have better chances of ranking higher in search engines and attract more leads for you.

Increase brand visibility

Listing your company on business directories improves your brand visibility. By having your business listed on multiple business directories, you are increasing your brand awareness. Business directories and online business listing sites get thousands of monthly visitors. Even if these visitors are not looking for what your company offers, they may still see your listing and remember your brand later.

Credibility & Trust

Business directory listings contribute to the impact of a website’s popularity towards search engines. When search engines crawl/index these sites and find your business’ website and consistent details that tell them your business is legit and they can make sense of what your business is about. Your business website will come across as more trusted and reputable through Google’s filtering process.

Website traffic

Online business directories help with driving quality traffic to your website. Thousands of people visit online business directories to find local businesses and/or list their own businesses. These visitors see your business listing and if they’re interested in your offering will visit your company website where they hopefully go on to become your customer/client.

How to choose the best South Africa Business Directories.

When adding your business to an online business directory, online business listing sites, and citation sites ask yourself these questions.

  • Is this a reputable site? Put another way: if a customer saw me on this site, would they view my business as more – or less – legitimate?
  • Is my target audience likely to visit this site? Does your target audience go to that website? If not, it is probably not worth listing your business in it.
  • How many people visit this website? You want to get your listing in front of many people as possible. This is why it is important to know how much traffic a specific directly receives on a monthly basis.
  • What is the website’s domain authority score? Ideally, you want a business directory website that has a high domain authority as this is a good indicator of how popular the director is.

Effectively list your business in online directories

Getting your business information listed on online business directories, business listing sites, and citation sites helps to improve brand visibility, credibility, and trust. With that in mind, here are a few things to make sure your business listing has in it once you add it to a business directory:

  • Consistent NAP (Name, Address, Phone). When adding for the first time or update your business on multiple business directories or listing sites, make sure you’re providing consistent business information on all sites you get listings from.
  • A link to your website. It is important to get backlinks whenever you can from other websites as they help with your business website’s domain authority. You might also consider adding a tracking link at the end of this URL so you can track which directories are most effective for you.
  • Detailed business description. Make sure you add a consistent and detailed description of your business across each and every directory you list on.
  • Add some media. Good directories allow multimedia uploads. When you get the chance be sure to give your potential customers a taste of your offering. Upload pictures or images of your products or service in use.

Free business directories in South Africa

There are plenty of location-based business directories and industry-based business listing websites available to business owners in South Africa. We will not be covering them all, instead, we will give you our list of the top 10 free business directories in South Africa you can get listed on and start getting some traction for your business.

Our list of the top free business directories in South Africa is based on the listing website’s domain authority. The higher the domain authority the better the directory. We will also include their estimated monthly organic traffic and the number of keywords they rank for in South Africa.

Below are 10 of South Africa’s Best and most popular business directory websites. Please note that the statics we included change daily. For more current statistics on the websites we discuss, use an SEO tool such as SEMRush, Moz, or ubbersuggest.


YelloSa is one of the most used business directories in South Africa with over 820 000 business listings on the platform. The attractive minimalist design sets it apart from most South African online business directories.

The business directory is best known for having an easy signup process. You can specify your target keywords, list up to 3 products, upload a nice-looking logo for easy brand recognition.

YelloSa receives an astounding 300.8K monthly organic traffic generated by ranking for over 66.6K keywords in South Africa. The website’s domain authority according to SEMRush is good 64. This is one of the best South African online business directories to get your business listed on.

2. BRABYS.COM is by far the most comprehensive online business directory in South Africa. The platform has partnered up with South Africa’s number one search engine Ananzi. This partnership has resulted in Brabys becoming one of the best free business directories in South Africa.

We signed up for all the directories we discuss in this article, and let us tell you, signing up for anything on the internet doesn’t get easy as it was to get listed on Brabys. All we had to do was fill in a short form with very basic info, submit it and that was it.

The Brabys business directory website receives an estimated 70.3K organic search traffic while ranking for 50K keywords in South Africa. Their domain authority score we found to be 55. Head on over to their website and get a listing in less than 2 min, and come back to finish the article.


Nichemarket is one of the fastest-growing online business directories in South Africa. Listing your business on the platform is 100% free, and you are able to add your business hours, physical location, and what your business specializes in.

It is a growing platform that has a domain authority of 50, receiving an estimated monthly organic traffic of 15.6K visitors, and ranks for over 5.8K keywords.

What really sets Nichemarket apart from every other free business directory in South Africa is that its primary function is that of a social marketplace. They not only list your business but also give you access to business information, they also help you by providing insightful content. Create a FREE business listing that acts like a mini-website, fully optimized, and submitted to Google search.


Yalwa is an international online business directory serving South African businesses since 2006. Yalwa is one of the most used free business directories in South Africa. Their interface is a classic online business directory site.

Listing your business on the platform is easy. You start by selecting your business category/industry, fill in your company name. Then enter a sweet detailed description of your company and upload your logo. And, after a minute or two, your free business listing is live and ready to start attracting business for you. The platform also offers some premium features such as listing your business on top to help you reach more people.

When we did an overview of their domain we found that their domain authority is 44. The directory ranks for about 9K keywords in South Africa and receives about 1.3K organic search traffic monthly to their website.


Best Directory is a 100% free South African online business directory. The directory allows business owners to list an unlimited number of businesses absolutely free of charge.

Currently, Bestdirectory has about 5000 listed businesses on its website. This is a good thing, sort of. This increases your chances of being seen on the platform since there is not much competition. The downside to that is, this also means that there aren’t many people who use or visit the directory.  

When performing a domain overview with SEMRush we found that they get 2.4K visitors per month while ranking in the top 100 results of Google for 6.1K keywords. Their website’s domain authority is at 44.


SAYellow has been around serving South African business owners since 1997, making it one of the oldest online business directories in South Africa. The Business directory boasts an estimated half a million businesses across the country. It allows you to search by convenient classifications for companies matching virtually every type of business need.

One of the best features about SAYellow is that the signup process is fairly straight forward and the platform has a simple easy to use interface. You can create a free business listing instantly and register as a member at the same time. The downside with SAYELLO’s free listing is that a logo or product image upload is only available for premium accounts.

When looking up their domain we found that their domain authority score is 41, which is fairly good for a free South African online business directory. The site gets over 78.8K visits per month and ranks for over 66.8K keywords in South Africa.


Hotfrog is an international business directory operating in 38 countries around the world. Although, the brand has a South African version,, which you should definitely list your business on today.

The South African HotFrog domain has a domain authority of 41, ranks in the top 100 results for over 29.1K keywords, and receives about 6.2K organic visits per month. One of the best things about HotFrog is that they allow you to add personalized keywords for your business.

While they encourage you to sign up for a priority listing of R150 a month you can get a free listing. They also send you monthly reports of how your listing is performing on their platform.


Found in 1998, Cylex is another international business directory with its own South African version. The brand is found in over 35 countries across the globe. As a business owner, you can take advantage of the free business listing to promote your company online and start generating website traffic and getting leads.

Platform users have the ability to check the contact information and opening hours of your business. They can also read and write reviews about the products & services of any business.

Cylex is the closest thing to everything you expect from an online business directory in South Africa. They’ve improved their functionality by adding extra useful features. Like listing your favorite website page.

The South African version domain authority of the platform is 38. And the platform ranks on Google’s top 100 search results for over 34.8K keywords which generate about 13.4K organic search traffic for the platform


Adding your business to the Entrepo online business directory is completely free. What makes Entrapo one of the best free business directories in South Africa is that it is more than just an online business listing website.

The Entrepo platform also acts as an online business magazine constantly publishing tech articles and reviews on businesses and industries in South Africa. Submitting your business listing is fairly simple, and the best thing? They allow video attachment. Giving you a chance to showcase your business to potential customers on the platform.

The Entrepo website gets about 130 visits monthly, some looking business like yours, some wanting to reach out to more people like you and others are there for the awesome articles. Their domain authority score we found to be 28 while ranking on google for over 220 keywords.


Although relatively new, Activeweb has quickly become one of the most popular online business directories in South Africa. As of February 2021, they rank in Google’s top 100 search results for 169 keywords. The website’s domain authority is fair 25 with an estimated monthly organic traffic of 34

Activeweb offers both free and premium listing options. For free, you are able to list your business for only 30 days. While premium prices start at a low R100 for 6 months. And for R200 you get your business listing highlighted for 365 days, meaning more people will see your business on the website’s home page.

Start getting website traffic and generating leads.

Make sure that you have a presence everywhere that you think your potential customers might be, not just online directories only. Also, list in your local chamber of commerce and major directories like Google My Business to increase your chances of being discovered by people looking for your services or products.

So get started and list in all the top free business directories in South Africa and start getting more website visits and some link juice from those with Follow links. Good luck.


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