Social media landing pages are one of the most important assets when it comes to social media advertising. Yet so many marketers overlook and miss them.

Most marketers focus more on attracting attention and customers, and focus less on what happens after those customers click through their social media Ads. As a results majority of those clicks don’t end up becoming leads or converting to a promotion.

If your social media Ads performance hasn’t been to your liking, an optimized landing page might be what you’re missing. Having a well-designed landing page for social media Advertisements will boost your leads and conversions depending on how you optimized it.

If you’re don’t know what a landing page looks like, or what makes a great and effective landing page, don’t worry. We’ll explain what a social media landing page is, how useful it is, and show a couple of examples so that you know exactly you need to design.

What is a Social Media Landing Pages?

A landing page is a web page that is specially designed for the purpose of accepting social media generated traffic and convert it into leads or customers. This is the page where your audience lands after clicking through your social media Ad or link.

Since a landing page accepts social media targeted traffic, both paid and organic campaigns can have social media landing pages.

Here’s is a quick example of a landing page.

A landing page is different from a generic website page. Typically a landing page is optimized for some sort of conversion. It can be signing up for an email newsletter, a purchase, or a download.

A landing page can also be used to redirect traffic to specific deals or pages on your website.

Social media landing pages contain all the information regarding the offer advertised on social media. The goal with a landing page is to get as much of your social media traffic to complete a conversion event.

Though they are designed for social media campaigns, social media landing pages are not hosted on Facebook, Instagram, or any other social media network. They’re actually hosted on your website.

Why are social media landing pages important?

For starters, landing pages allow you to guide your audience towards completing a specific action after clicking through your Advert.

The difference between a normal website page and a landing page is that, a normal website page usually contains a lot of irrelevant information at that instance. As a results a potential customer that found your offer interesting on social media, gets distracted and ends up not buying.

Meantime a landing page is optimized to convert social media traffic. A landing page only focuses on what the Advert offers. It carries the relevant and useful information a consumer needs to make a purchasing decision.

What makes an effective social media landing page?

You can have the most interesting, and attention crabbing social media campaign, but without an effective landing page to your campaign, all that attention goes nowhere. You’ve wasted clicks and your business suffers.

With a good landing page you not only grab your visitors’ attention. You compel them to take action.

That being said, here are the common features that make up an effective social media landing page, with examples.

A compelling and clear call to action (CTA)

As mentioned before, a social media landing pages guides your visitors towards completing the desired event. That what a landing page needs a call to action for. A CTA directs a customer on what to do next.

Examples of a call to action include a “sign up” button, a “free download” button, a “learn more” button, etc. All these are clear instructions that let the customer know what to do next.

 Best call to actions are short and very clear. You don’t want to get your potential customer wandering what to do. So make a clear obvious call to action and give it non-distracting or annoying placement.

Looking at the below landing page by semrush, a SaaS company, you see a clear and obvious landing page.


A minimalist design

To have the most effective social media landing page, you need to take a minimalist approach. Yes you need to include the most relevant information that helps your visitor decide whether to convert or not.

But, you need to do that with style. Instead of packing a ton of written information into your landing pages, you might want to use more images, illustration and integrate white space.

White space helps keep your pages clean. Let your offer and images do most of the talking. If you have to write, make sure your copy is short and to the point.

Lastly, a social media landing page has one goal. To convert social media generated traffic. Avoid including anything that doesn’t contribute to achieving the goal. That means eliminate side bars, no social links or menus., a financial services company makes a great use of what space on their Facebook Advert landing page. When you arrive at the page, you’re greeted by an easy white and purple look with a clear CTA.

Tailored for Individual Audiences

The best landing pages are targeted and take into consideration the source of traffic they’ll be receiving. Meaning, you need to consider that the traffic you’re driving to your landing page is generated from social media.

Your messaging and tone should be social too. Also, include a lot of high quality branded images on your landing page. Social media users are like social media because of its content, i.e. images and videos.

Mobile friendly

Your landing pages need to be mobile friendly. As a matter of fact your entire website needs to be mobile friendly.

The reason you should prioritize a mobile responsive website and landing pages is that, more people access the internet and social media via mobile. Out of the now 4.14 billion social media users around the world, 98.68% access social media through a mobile device.

A responsive design enables your landing page to adapt to any device your audience accesses your social media from. It will adjust on smartphone or tablet, giving your audience best mobile experience.

A great mobile landing page looks something like this.


Eye catching visuals

Great social media landing pages use visuals more. Visuals and illustrations have been a consistent trend in web design. An audience doesn’t want to read a page full of text, they want to see the product you offer or illustrations of your service at work.

Examples of visuals you can use are photos, amazing graphic elements and illustrations, and videos. Visuals help grab audience attention and keep them engaged. Great visuals helps guide your audience in their decision-making process. created this awesome landing page. What you see there on the right is not a static image, rather a video. If it was a static image, it still would’ve ended up an amazing landing page.

Consistent messaging

When a potential customer clicks through on your social media Ad or any social media link that directs them to your landing page, they have expectations.  Often times it means they’re interested on what you offer, and they’re ready to buy, download or signup for a monthly newsletter.

Make sure that your messaging is consistent. If your Advert on social media offered a 30% discount if they signup, that same 30% discount should headline on your landing page.

Visual continuity

A landing page is part of your social media campaign. There should be no confusion on the audience when they land on your page. Visual continuity between your social media Ad and landing page emphasize consistent messaging.

Visual continuity means maintaining the same color palette used on the Ad, using visuals and photos from one series. Maybe photos taken in the same area or illustrations using the same characters and style.

The above example is from the New Republic Facebook Ad. Clicking through the Ad we land in this page. Notice the visual continuity between the Ad and landing page? This is what you should aim for with your social media landing page.

Includes contact info

Every landing you build for your Ads have to contain your contact information. Some of your audience might be unclear on the information on the page, they might need to contact you to find out more.

Build compelling social media landing pages

Creating and running amazing campaigns on social media is not enough. The next step to having a completing social media campaign is having a designated landing page that boosts your conversions.

If you have not been using landing pages for your social media campaigns, now is the time to start. Use landing pages even in your organic content marketing efforts and also connect them to your social’s bio-links.

If you don’t have time to design and build custom landing pages for your social media campaigns, we’d love to help. Give us a call today at +27 61 469 9273 or contact us online to discuss how we can boost your social media conversions and increase sales.

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