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Reasons every South African business needs a digital marketing strategy.

Any modern South African business that wants to dominate in the current business scene needs to adopt digital marketing strategies as part of their overall marketing strategy, and here are the reasons why.


Digital marketing can deliver unprecedented growth and outreach for businesses, both big and small.  However, developing a solid digital marketing strategy is still a challenge faced by many businesses.

The digital market is highly competitive, with brands and businesses offering similar products/services with similar values. In order to cut through the noise, stand out and get noticed, attract and retain customers, businesses need a sustainable digital marketing strategy.

What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing, also known as online marketing, refers to applying digital technologies and media in order to achieve marketing objectives such as getting customers, or building awareness.

Digital media channels and technologies include:

  • Websites
  • Social media networks
  • Search engines
  • Emails
  • Advertising
  • Analytics
  • Online tools/SaaS (Software as a service)

The most common examples of digital marketing are running targeted Ads on social media or content marketing. Effective digital marketing integrates different technologies and media channels into a single machine whose purpose is to create awareness, generate leads and customers.

What is a digital marketing strategy?

Put simply, a digital marketing strategy is how a company plans to reach, engage, market, or advertise their offering to their target customer online. In this plan is a list of online media networks, timeframes, campaigns, and tools that will be used to achieve business objectives.

No matter the size of your business, industry, or goals, a sustainable digital marketing strategy is necessary if you want to increase your visibility, reach your business goals and drive growth.

Having a digital marketing strategy is so crucial that 55% of businesses now have adopted its use. If your business does not have a clearly defined digital marketing strategy and you’re wondering why more than half of businesses do read on, you’re about to find out why.

Reasons every business needs a digital marketing strategy

Helps you identify and understand your target audience

Developing a digital marketing strategy requires that you know exactly who your target audience is. You’ll need to know what they like and where they spend most of their time online. Are they on social media? YouTube? Or spend their time reading blogs?

A digital marketing strategy will help you identify who you want to reach, how to reach and communicate to them in a way that resonates with them.

Digital is one of the most measurable mediums we have today. Use feedback and analytics on all your platforms to identify who your primary audience is. Once you’ve identified your audience you’ll know how to reach and target them with your tailored content.

Provides a clear roadmap for achieving objectives

In order to achieve your business marketing goals, you need direction. Businesses that do not have a digital strategy often do not have a clear strategic goal for what they aim to achieve online. You don’t want to be like these businesses.

You want to set your goals and back them up with sound digital marketing objectives that will help you achieve your goals. For example, if your goal is to improve website sales or conversions, one of your digital marketing objectives is to drive traffic to your website.

Improves conversion rate

Driving conversions from leads becomes easy when you have an engaging digital marketing strategy. That’s because the traffic and leads you generate as a result of your digital strategy are often well targeted.

That’s the best thing about digital marketing, targeting capabilities, whether it through paid advertising or inbound marketing. Digital marketing allows you to reach or get discovered by relevant people who are interested in what your business offers and may be ready to buy.

Differentiate yourself and stand out

What makes you stand out from the rest? What’s your Unique Value Proposition? Every business needs to have a clearly defined digital value proposition tailored to different target customer personas.

A unique digital value proposition is what will differentiate your business online and encourage your target audience to engage with your brand. For many businesses, developing a content marketing strategy is the key to differentiating themselves online since the content is what engages their audience.

Through content shared on different channels like social media, emails, and blogs, businesses are able to continuously emphasize what makes them unique and why there is a better option.

Improves marketing ROI

A well-developed digital marketing strategy generates better ROI. Take email marketing, for instance, reports that the ROI for email marketing can be as high as 4400% and that email has the best conversion rate than other forms of marketing.

While on the other hand, content marketing has been found to generate 3 times the number of leads generated by traditional marketing such as TV Ads and Print Ads. Furthermore, digital marketing is less expensive than traditional marketing.

A Forbes report found that businesses that use social media tend to outsell those that do not. While an IBM research found that leads generated via social media are 7 times more likely to convert into paying customers.

More focused and targeted marketing

It’s almost impossible to control who sees your content or Ads in traditional marketing. Yes, you can reach millions of people by placing an Ad in a newspaper, but can you tell what percentage of those views are actually your target?

This is why your business needs to get started with digital marketing. Digital marketing allows you to measure and narrow down your targeting accordingly. You can target who views your Ads by basic demographics such as age, gender, location, or use advanced targeting techniques such as specifying the interests and behaviors of your target audience.

This means you can create content and Ads that are highly relevant to your target audience and connect on a deeper level. Plus, you can measure your Ads performance and how your content is consumed and optimize for better performance.

Helps you become more optimized

Being discovered online is very important for your business. All too often we see so many businesses spend money on getting a fancy website, paying monthly hosting fees but the website just sits there doing nothing.

If you’re not being recognized by search engines that means your content is poorly optimized and people looking for your services will not find you through search. With a digital marketing strategy, you can work to optimize your content and maximize your digital marketing impact.

A well-researched and developed digital marketing strategy will address how to, and help you drive targeted website traffic, generate high-quality leads and improve your search engine rankings.

Digital marketing is cost-effective

Digital marketing is without a doubt the most cost-effective way for you to market your business. When you consider how much it would cost you to create and run a marketing campaign on TV or a newspaper you’d find that digital marketing is cheaper.

Most digital marketing campaigns only take from your budget what you can afford, you never spend more than how much you’re prepared to. Furthermore, depending on your advertising option, you get charged based on the number of views or clicks your ad receives. 

Final word

There are many reasons why your business needs to have a clearly defined digital marketing strategy. Reason number one is that more and more consumers are relying on search and social media to discover and learn about local businesses, new products, and services.

This is why you need a digital marketing strategy so that these consumers are able to find your business on the internet.

Other reasons include among them better ROI, highly targeted marketing, and advertising. Also, having a strong digital marketing strategy can transform your company, your offering, and your business value.

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